Knokke Heliport opened again

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The FPS Mobility's decision to allow commercial aviation as well as private flights (with restrictions) back in, means that Knokke Heliport will be reopened for departing and arriving flights from 11 May 2020.

On this link (FPS Mobility - DGLV) you will find the measures and conditions that determine which flights may and may not take place.

Specifically for Knokke Heliport the following measures apply:

  • The site remains physically closed and will only be opened to pilots and any passengers who have made A FINAL DISPATCH before (PPR notification required for all flights).
  • The Pilot Lounge, offices or toilets are not accessible.
  • No drinks can be consumed.
  • Flights or instruction flights performed by are provided with mouth masks and disinfectant gel for FREE. Ask your operator what protection measures he provides to make your flight safe.
  • Only people taking part in the flight (within the set conditions) may enter the terrain.
  • The heliport commander must check the conditions imposed by DGLV and have them complied with.
  • DGLV will carry out unannounced checks at heliports and airports.

From now on everyone can also book flights departing from Knokke Heliport.

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